Monday, June 30, 2008

May wonders never cease

It all started a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning. We were having the usual conversation about what we were going to do which usually goes along the lines of... T-"What do you want to do today?" B- " I don't know what do you want to do?" T- "Well we should do something to get the kids out of the house." B- "Ok, what should we do?" T- " I don't know...... Anyway, you get the idea. So, the conversation started as usual and as usual I was expecting the same reply when out of nowhere I got this instead. B- "I want to go to Ikea." T- "Really, why, what do you want to get?" B- "I want to get that dresser for my side of the bed." T- "Ok, when do you want to go?" B- "Now" T- " Ok but we should probably feed the kids, and then it will be nap time, so maybe we should go after that." B-"Ok" So, that is what we did. Right now you're probably thinking that getting him to go to Ikea was the miracle. No, it's coming, wait for it. So, Ikea has cast some kind unexplainable evil spell on our kids. Every time we go (twice now, but we see the pattern emerging) they have turned into the whinniest toads ever and are prone to frequent fits. It's terrible. We've decided we just can't take them there anymore. That's not the point of this story though, the point is that we bought the dresser and we got two platform beds, one for each kid. So, typically the story would end with us taking the boxes home where they would sit for a minimum of 8 weeks before they would be assembled and put to use. Here is where the miracle occurred. On the very next day, which as it would happen was Father's Day no less, Brian put the dresser together! Now here's where it gets really good. He didn't just put the dresser together, he moved all the stuff on his side of the bed, vacuumed, went through his belongings, throwing some stuff out, organized and put his stuff in the dresser. Amazing I know!!! To truly appreciate how amazing this is you need a little background. Brian's side of the bed has been cluttered since we decided that this particular bedroom would be ours(at least two years ago). Cluttered in this instance would mean multiple piles of things, mostly magazines, books, and electronic gear. Added to that , LBR could probably count higher than the number of times Brian has vacuumed in the 6 1/2 years we've lived in this house. Now please don't miss understand me, I am not knocking Brian in any way, these are merely facts. Brian does other things around the house which I would list, but then we would really be getting off track. The last thing you must factor into this miracle is that Brian is a magazine junkie. Until this miracle occurred I thought it was physically, emotionally, and otherwise impossible for Brian to throw any magazine out. He just doesn't do it. He feels he will need them at some future date and to throw them out would mean never being able to access that information ever again. At one time the magazines in our house would have filled a standard sized coat closet. Anyway, as part of his thorough cleaning, he actually took some magazines out to the recycle bin. I was shocked! Having done this one might think that Brian had met any and all requirements for the honey do list for at least the rest of the year. I do concur, he definitely had earned some time off from any requests on my part. So, you will understand my amazement when this weekend he hung a picture on the wall! A picture on the wall, how is that amazing you might ask, well let me explain. First, let me restate that we have lived in this house for 6 1/2 years. So, for years I have been asking for Brian to hang some pictures. For years he has told me he couldn't, or he just didn't. Whatever the varying reasons it never happened. Some might wonder why I didn't just take matters into my own hands, I can only say in my defence that Brian had me convinced that because we have plaster walls that we needed some sort of special thing that we could never find otherwise the pictures would not stay up. So, a couple of months ago Brian went on a business trip to Nashville. While there he stumbled upon Hatch Show Prints. They do all the printing for The Grand Ole Opry on old school printing machines. Anyway he bought a couple of really cool prints. The one he got for me was of an airstream trailer. So, cool! The following link is just like mine except the background is red. Anyway, he got it framed and for a couple of weeks it's been sitting in our room. So, he told me the other day that he planned to hang it this weekend. Needless to say, I was not holding my breath. Well, low and behold he did. I now have a picture hanging in my dining room!!! In the past two weeks he has also put together both kids' beds and started clearing out the "office". Who is this impostor posing as my husband? Maybe I don't want to know. One thing I am sure of , he is welcome to stay!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The man in my life

You know that song that goes..."what a man, what a man, what mighty fine man"? Yah, I admit I've always liked that song and naturally I feel it applies to the man in my life. So, without getting too goopy here are some things I love about him.
  • his sense of humor, even if it is a little poopy
  • when he gets really excited about something, like an idea
  • his soft lips
  • he never gets mad when I buy something for myself
  • he has a huge heart and truly cares about things that have never occurred to me
  • he always makes time for me and kids
  • his blue eyes
  • he's a hard worker
  • he puts up with me, which is a lot to ask of anyone
  • he supports me in the things I want to do
  • that he asks my opinion on things, like things going on at his office
  • that he doesn't complain about my lack of cooking

So, there you have it just a few of the things I love about my man.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life's Little Luxuries

Guess what!?! I just dried my hands with a paper towel. Might not seem news worthy to some, so let me give you a little background. We've been out of paper towels for about a week or so here at work. So, every time I use the restroom I come out with wet hands that I then proceed to wave around until they dry. Since I drink a ton of water/crystal light that makes this an hourly event. I think my arms were even beginning to see the benefits of all that waving. Today, miraculously there were paper towels! One of life's little luxuries. A convenience item. I've always thought of them as luxury items. Growing up we used hand towels to dry our hands, plates to put food on, and napkins to wipe our mouths. I don't even remember having paper towels in our house until well into my teen years. Once I was out on my own they truly became an expendable luxury. It was just one more thing I didn't want to spend my money on. Now that I have kids, they sure do come in handy. I no longer think of them as a luxury but a necessity.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My very first blog on my very own site

So, here is something great about blogging. You can talk and eat at the same time. You wouldn't even know that I have a tootsie roll in my mouth as I type this. Except that I just told you, so I guess you would know. Tootsie rolls are the almost the perfect candy. Chewy and chocolate together in one yummy roll. The only thing keeping them from being completely perfect are their calorie count and fat grams. So, let's see, what is on my mind today? Why do the crystal light on the go have to be so rippin' expensive? They must have the hugest mark up ever. Maybe things should be priced according to size. Or maybe everything should be priced according the value I find in it. Manufacturers should definitely consult me prior to setting their suggested retail price. Of course if that were the case things like mustard, brussel sprouts, and head cheese would all be free. But then if this really were my world they wouldn't even exist. Well maybe mustard because I do use it for egg salad sandwiches. But then how often do I make those? Like once a year maybe, if I remember to use those lovely colored eggs that Snickers delivers every Easter. So, probably I could live without mustard after all. People in my world.... Muffin, not the kind you eat, my not so baby girl. Favorite phrases: What's this is? What doin? Favorite songs: ABCs - which she sings over and over in the car Scooby doo where r u Workers- I've been working on the railroad Favorite color: If asked she always says green. Favorite things: Baby strollers Watching a show in her bed "bed, bed, bed, show, Elmo" Chicken LBR Favorite color: Red, almost always red. Sometimes he likes to mix it up. Favorite things: Firefighters/fire trucks Chocolate milk Chocolate chip cookies Hamburgers, no mayo or pickles Ben 10, a show Trucks, lots and lots of trucks Nose kisses Favorite sayings: You're the best mom in my world that hurt my feelings awwwwww! I love you through and through