Sunday, September 28, 2008

LBR's testimony

LBR wanted to go up and bear his testimony in church today. He saw an older girl go up, so he wanted to "speak next". I asked him what he wanted to to say? He said "thank you for Jesus". So, I took him up. He did great! The shy gene definitely passed over this one, he was not intimidated at all. He would have gone on forever if I had let him, once he got up there he lost sight of what he wanted to say and just started in on some story until I brought him back to task. Crazy kid! He did his Mama proud!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'll call you...maybe

I recently set a friend up on a blind date. At the end of the date the guy said "I'll call you (pause) maybe".
So, my question is what does that mean? I know I've been off the dating scene for a while now, is that common these days? Personally I don't think so. I mean seriously I'll call you Maybe!?!
Talk about the ultimate non-commit. I thought boys had problems with this back in the day, but good night I never dated anyone who couldn't at lease give off the impression of being able to commit to a phone call.
So, is he saying "I enjoyed the date and I want to call you but just in case you didn't I'm going to add maybe on the end to save face."
Or perhaps he said it as a matter of habit and once the words were out realized he had no intention of following through so rather than being one of those guys who say it and don't do it he added the maybe so he wouldn't be stereotyped.
Or he said it then realized he wasn't going to call but rather than take it back and come off harsh, he added the maybe as the beginnings of a back pedal.
Next time maybe just say "It was nice to meet you."